Aleksandra Rechtman


Welcome to my site!

My name is Aleksandra Rechtman and I have dedicated my professional life to studying, researching, perfecting and practising energy and emotional healing techniques. I have worked as a full time therapist and healer for the last 18 years. 

I help  people and their animals to:

* have a better, more satisfying relationship with each other

* recover from emotional, mental and energetic problems and traumas with the use of ground-breaking, modern energy healing techniques

* enhance their health, thrive and fulfill their soul potential

* address challenging behaviours and increase interspecies awareness and understanding between humans and animals

* work with guardians who have lost their pets and find it difficult to accept the painful experience, and are ready to work and integrate their emotions and experiences around the bereavement and loss

* support guardians with emotional work during their pet's illness and/or transition

I create a safe space for you and your animal companion to affect the kind of changes you would like and need to enjoy your life together. The techniques I use are all well researched and up to date and include Emotional Freedom Techniques, Aromatherpay, Bach Flower Essences, force-free & positive animal training techniques to name a few. I find that the greatest healer of all is LOVE and there is plent of that where I come from! 


The most touching, beautiful stories about animals are the ones where mutual rescue happens. This is also my story. I have been a therapist and a healer for the last 15 years but it wasn't until Charlie came into my life and changed it forever that I realised my passion for working on deepening the relationship between animals and their humans. He taught me loyalty, love and commitment to a degree I never thought was possible. You have probably guessed Charlie is the black collie/retriver mix in the picture. He is the inspiration behind my work and a big inspiration in my private and professional life. I gave Charlie a home and he gave his heart & soul. It was love at first sight!

I have always loved animals and felt naturally drawn to the natural world. As a child I used to collect ladybirds and snails, had a succession of hamsters, guinea pigs and budgies, played with neighbours' dogs and family cats. In my mid 20's a I became interested in psychology and natural healing and started my journey learning psychotherapy, aromatherapy, therapeutic bodywork and energy healing. Curiosity took me to places like Bali, Indonesia to learn how to help deliver babies, I studied to become a Doula (birthing assistant). I also studied kinesiology, nutrition, energy psychology, EFT, BodyTalk, EmoTrance, hypnotherapy, Hakomi Therapy and read extensively about the Enneagram.

For 10 years from 2003 - 2012 I worked at Women & Health as an aromatherapist and a biodynamic counsellor. We worked with women who experienced depression, anxiety, serious mental health problems and with victims of sexual violence. It was a challenging and demanding but extremely rewarding work. I worked on projects with The Rape Crisis and on projects with children with disabilities and learning difficulties and their parents and guardians at a place called Palace for All.

Recently I have completed Diploma in Energy Healing for Animals and I am currently studying on a Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Training with the prestigious Compass Education.

My healing qualifications:

Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage

Diploma in Biodynamic Massage

Diploma in Aromatherapy

Indian Head Massage Diploma

Kinesiology Certificate

Working with Women Psychodynamically - certificate

BodyTalk certificate

Advanced Diploma in EFT

Ayurvedic Face Massage Diploma

Emotional Clearing Practitioner Diploma

College of Natural Nutrition Diploma

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Diploma

EmoTrance Diploma

Hypnotherapy Certificate

Hakomi Body-Centred Psychotherapy - ongoing

Diploma in Energy Healing for Animals

Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Training - ongoing

Diploma in Dog-Assisted Training (Dog Therapy Training) - ongoing


Animals sense energy. Since they don't speak any of the human languages any connection that you feel with your animal will be psychic and energetic. That's how most of the communication occurs between you and your pet. Your animal is part of your home tribe and as such is very susceptible to your thoughts, your energy and your emotions.

Energy healing for animals uses intention and love as the most important aspects of healing. As a healer I must managed my energy in such a way that I become a standing wave of energy and use myself as a channel for the healing that wants to occur. Regardless of the technique I choose to use (distant healing, flower essences or EFT) it is my job to hold the vision for the result of the healing. 


Modern energy based approaches including EFT are extremely effective at treating humans as well as animals. I have been using EFT for the last 15 years and it remains one of the most powerful tools in my healing box.

EFT for animals involves using a guardian (or myself) as a surrogate for the physical act of tapping. In other words - we do not tap on animals! Instead we tap on ourselves to make the changes happen. I help you tune in into your animal's energy system and together we use the energy mind to connect with her or him. When you focus your attention on your animal you connect your energy system with theirs. Just as you would work with parents to help the child, the same bond and special connection can be felt between the animal and their guardian. We use this connection for healing and in reverse through the healing we deepen the connection making it stronger. It works both ways. 


As well as being a healer and a therapist I am also a certified trainer of Energy EFT Master practitioner training. The courses I teach are normally designed to prepare you to work using EFT with people however all of my trainings also include the aspect of energy healing for animals and Animal EFT. So if you're a pet guardian or want to work with animals my courses will help you understand EFT as it is practised with people as well as animals. It is an added bonus and a unique feature of my trainings.

I teach Energy EFT Foundation which is a one day course. I normally teach it over two evenings or two Saturday mornings. The cost of EFT Foundation is 150 GBP.

I also teach Energy EFT Master practitioner training. That's normally a 3 day course. I teach it over 6 evenings (3 hours each) or 6 Saturday mornings (3 hours each). The cost of EFT Master is 375 GBP.

If you decided to sign up and pay for both trainings at the same time (Foundation and Master) the price of the foundation will be deducted from your total payment. It means if you do both trainings together the Foundation is free.


Transitions are an inevitable part of life. The hardest ones happen when you lose a friend and a companion such as a beloved pet. The connection we have with our animals are so strong that if feels like losing a member of your family. While my job is to help you keep your animal happy and healthy and animals usually respond to energy healing by getting better, it is not always the case that healing means that the animal will survive. Sometimes healing entails helping your animal transition out of this world and helping you cope with the loss. Intention-based energy healing can make all the difference in providing time, space and comfort during the last months, weeks or days of your friend's life. It can make an enourmous difference in how you deal with the situation too.


Depending on the circumstances the healing will be based around:

 - recovery from the shock and trauma of a sudden death of your animal

 - support during your pet's illness

 - preparing for saying goodbye

 - dealing with prolonged illness and seeing your animal in pain for extended periods of time

 - guilt and self-criticism over "not doing enough"

 - releasing guilt to do with the decision to euthanize your animal

 - helping the mourning and sadness following the death of your animal

 - denial, anger, depression - all normal and common feelings around loss and bereavement

There is no time limit on grief. It doesn't work this way. It will tkae as long as it takes. My help doesn't revolve around trying to help you to "foget and move on". I know from personal experience that it doesn't work and that like all emotions like sadness and grief need time and space to move through us. Sometimes the healing comes from telling the sory of their departure. Other times it might be sharing the stories of your time together. And other times still it will be about processing your raw emotions as they come. I am here to support that. There are techniques that can make this process much more fluid and beautiful. Because yes, grief and sadness can take us to beautiful mind and energy states where you connect to your animal on another level and continue feeling close. I have seen grief turn into states of energy bliss and connection with the help of EFT and energy healing. 

I do Skype sessions and trainings. My sessions are 50 GBP or 70 USD for 1 hour. Longer sessions are also available. To book please email: blackdogclinic @